Bee4SAR messages

Messages of Appreciation

The Wolfer-Nerenberg Family
Thank YOU to the incredible SAR team (faculty & staff) for creating the best possible learning environment for our children despite all of the challenges.
Jordana levine
Wii R4U SAR!
Abigail Hepner-Gross
To everyone who has worked so hard all year---staff and students alike---Yasher Koach!
Heidi & Scott Greenbaum
With special thanks to the wonderful team in the BO!
Judy & Uri Kaufthal
In memory of Leo and Edith Kaufthal and Lotte Bravmann.
Sheila Eckstein
In honor of Jake and Lila Hoff
Ruth Peyser Kestenbaum
In honor of my grandson, Irwin Oliver Kestenbaum
Avigdor Gargy
Thank you for all SAR people, you are the best! Chag Sameach! Avigdor Gargy.
Jennifer & Jonathan Kroll
Thank you to the incredible teachers of SAR for inspiring and educating our children.
Leora Kroll
Thank you to all of my teachers.
Shoshana Bergman & Andy Frank
Thank you, teachers, for making this year such a success - and doing it all with a smile!
Erica & Kenneth Grau
Thank you SAR teachers and administration for your commitment to educating and nurturing our children.
Felisa Hochheiser
Thank you to the SAR administration and faculty for their hard work and dedication.
Daniela Weiss and Avi Yohan...
Thank you so much! We appreciate your amazing leadership in education! Chag Sa'maech
Robyn & Ari Raskas
Thank you to all the wonderful teachers and administration of SAR!
Linda Botwinick
Thank you SAR! Linda and Jeff Botwinick
Harris and Janice Cutler
In honor of our great teacher, Ayelet Cutler
Sandra and Ira Greenstein
With much gratitude
David Kanowitz
Stay safe, strong and optimistic
Shira and Andrew Wurzburger
We are ever so grateful to all of the faculty and administration for their dedication to educating the children in a thoughtful and warm environment.
Aviva Shefa
In appreciation to the entire staff at SAR for giving the students an outstanding education. Our Granddaughters Nessia Esther and Liron Malka Shefa are learning so much in the early childhood program. A special Yashar Koach to all for overcoming the complexities of the school year!!
Sarah Roer & Etan Bendheim
Thank you to everyone at our incredible school!
Honored to be part of such an amazing school!!!
David & Shira Sandel
Thank you to the amazing staff at SAR, for all that you have done and continue to do for our children.
preiss-bloom family
In honor of the amazing Morah Pearl עמו''ש a true renaissance woman
Sarah and Josh Blechner
Thank you to the wonderful teachers, administration, and faculty at SAR!!
Rebecca Brafman & David Max
With great appreciation for all the hard work that went in to making in-person school happen this year, and the tremendous impact that has had on our children's lives
Tobie Brandriss and Robert ...
Thank you to the SAR Leadership and the Board and the Medical committee for your vision and optimism in leading us through this very challenging year. And thank you to the SAR community and students for your resilience and ingenuity and good cheer!
Adele and Elliott Rabin
Thank you to all of the faculty for your extraordinary dedication to the development and wellbeing of our children.
Lenore and Ilan Fogel
Thank you to this incredible school and all the amazing people who create the incredible environment that is SAR- especially this year!
Becky Cooper Nadis & Joe Nadis
Thank you for making this incredibly important year of school possible. It has made all the difference.
Elana and David Steltzer
With tremendous hakarat hatov to the 4W and 3Y teachers
Aaron Hasson and Family
Making education count in every possible way! In honor of Andrew, Jade, Noa, and Chloe Hasson
Polly & Alan Schoenfeld
Thank you for all that you do every day.
Ardra Belitz
Keep up the OUTSTANDING work !
David Pine
In Honor of Eitan and Sarit Adler
Joseph Mahgerefteh
Thank you for all you do🙏
Ariela & Yonatan Brafman
Thank you to the amazing faculty and staff at SAR for this incredible year! We are so grateful to each of you.
Aliza and Dovid Wildman
With admiration and appreciation for all of the hard work put in this year by the SAR teachers, administration and staff. Thank you!
With gratitude to SAR for doing such a wonderful job in passing on the Mesorah to the next generation
Susan and Moshe Golkin
Thank you to all the amazing teachers and faculty!!
Judith & Aaron Mitrani
In honor of our granddaughter Sarah Lewis
Carol Goldstein & Neil Roth...
Here's to the fantastic teachers, staff, administrators, and students. "Keep on [learning] in the free world!"
Rose and Dan Shames
Thank you Rosh Kehilla Nejman
Yoni Israel
Thank you to all the hardworking, indefatigable teachers who persevered through this difficult year! Your tireless efforts do not go unnoticed!
Danielle Harris
To the school that shaped me, keep it up! Tizku l'mitzvot
Tamar & Jonathan Croog
Yasher Koach to SAR Academy which has done a truly incredible job this year - with our profound thanks to all of the faculty and the administration who made it all possible.
Carol and Robert Wurzburger
In Honor of our Granddaughter Aleeza Wurzburger
Sheila and Bob Feinerman
Thank you to SAR for nourishing the mind and soul our children Yael (82) and Abby (84) and our grandchildren Joely, Daniella, Sammy and Mia Glass.
Esther & Len Wolfer
"Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together." Scott Hayden
Gaya & Lewis Bernstein
Thank you SAR for all you do for our precious children! May all stay healthy and blessed.
Tamara Jasper Brody
In honor of Anina and Raphael
Josh Altman
Dear Morah Rina Altman, We are so proud of the heroic efforts you and your colleagues have made this year. You are all amazing!
Debby Posner-Graneviz
Thank you for an unbelievable year of continued Torah learning and growth!
Rachel Braha
With huge gratitude for the courage, the efforts and the daily hard work of all the SAR staff
Rachel Eliach
Thank you to all the SAR teachers and administrators for making this year successful and inspiring for my grandchildren!
Michelle Jasper Brody
Thank you to all the faculty and staff at SAR who dedicate themselves to our children and our community and to making the world a better place.
Rachela Elias and Gedalia P...
Thank you to all the teachers and faculty for an amazing school year!
Amy Heller and Noah Borenstein
Thank you for teachers and administrators for making this year so successful!
Yoni and Ellen Werlin
Thank you to the wonderful SAR teachers and staff for creating a beautiful second home for our children.
Thank you to the amazing teachers!
Aviva and Daniel Gordon
So thankful for the amazing SAR faculty and staff.
Anita Dinerstein
Thank you to my granddaughters’ teachers
Gabriel & Tzivia Moreen
We are so grateful to the SAR staff for such an amazing year despite all the challenges presented. Thank you!!!
Aviva & Joel Schwab
Our deepest gratitude to an incredible staff whose love of learning and Yiddishkeit have so inspired our grandchildren.
Charlene & Nathaniel Mayer
In honor of Lucy, Sophie, and Jessica Hecht
Shlomo and Rebecca Nagata
Thank you to the unbelievable SAR teachers!
The Weiss Family (Zoey 4N)
Thank you to all SAR teachers and staff for creating such an engaging, loving, and nurturing atmosphere. A special shoutout to Zoey's Morahs for making this year so amazing. We really appreciate you!
Adina Shoulson and Todd Stern
An honor to work at this school where my children are privileged to learn with the most amazing teachers!
Jessica E Rezak Schwab
Thanks to SAR High School - the admin, faculty and staff - for making this year so amazing for our three children! Despite these challenging circumstances, our 9th graders integrated well in to the high school community, forming new friendships and cultivating a special SAR ruach. You also went out of your way to make the 12th grade experience one filled with special opportunities and memories. Kol Hakavod and Todah Rabah!
Anya & Chaim Wiebke
Thank you to the teachers, administrators and staff! Kol hakavod!
Etti & Shaul Hen
Thank you to everyone at SAR HS for keeping our children in school all year. Words cannot express our appreciation. YOU ROCK!!!
Erika Silberstein
Thank you to our treasured teachers who make every day beyond special!
Pinny and Melissa Bulman
A huge THANK YOU to all the teachers and staff at SAR for being there in such critical ways for our children during these unprecedented times. We appreciate you so much!!
Helen Sprinkle
To my wonderful colleagues, it is a pleasure to work with you!
Beverly and Toby Bernstein
In honor of our dear grandchildren, Eddie, Gabriella, Avigayil and Maytal Bohm
Thank you for the holy work you do in caring for our kids. May we all grow closer and closer to Hashem!
Rabbi Moshe Edelman
Special tribute to my dear daughters Nava Cohen, Erica Edelman & Dr. Ilana Kustanowitz. Educators,role models and ema's extraordinaire.
Thank you to my friends in the business office for your dedication and hard work. I love you guys!
Avrumki & Daniella Allen
Thank you to all our wonderful teachers at SAR!
Ellen & Stanley Wasserman
To our very special SAR granddaughter, Aviva Wasserman: We love you!!
The Meshulam Family
Thank you to all of our amazing teachers and faculty!! We are beyond grateful for all of you. ❤️ Eli and Goldie Meshulam
Ronnie & Steve Sichel
We Bee4SAR!
Tobi & Joel Haims and Family
We are so grateful to SAR's administration and teaching staff for the stellar job they have done keeping our school open and running during the pandemic. You provided parents and students with a sense of caring and community from the very outset. Kol hakavod to you all for a job well done!
Niti & Josh Minkove
Thank you for your extraordinary effort and accomplishments during this most unusual year for the benefit of our grandchildren and all your students.
Jessica and Chad Haller
Thanks for BEEing there for our hive.
Warren Tessler and Family
Thank you SAR for giving the Lopatin children - Shayna, Cara, Judah, Gideon, the basic day school education to continue here in Metropolitan Detroit Farber Akiva Day School
Jennifer and David Kellman
The thoughtful leadership and unparalleled dedication of the teachers and administration was inspirational in this unprecedented, yet exceptional year at SAR. We are so appreciative to be a part of this extraordinary community.
Eve Stern
In honor of our dear friend Hilary Buff who has kindled a love for Judaism in so many of our children.
David Atik and Riva Atlas
Thank you SAR administration, faculty and staff for a wonderful four years and especially for your amazing efforts in the past year!
Sara & Laurence Hasson
We are so grateful to the administration for their leadership and for every member of the faculty who went above and beyond to ensure we had in-person learning this year! Kol Hakavod!
Amanda and Jon Klatt
We feel so blessed to BEE a part of the SAR community!! You never fail to amaze us. Thank you for everything!
Thank you for an amazing year.
Brenda Perelman
In honor of Gloria Perelman Schneider. You are amazing!
Ilana Picker
Thank you to all of you - especially to Gloria, Russi, and Michelle. We are so grateful for all of your support and care.
Sheryl and Mordy Littmann
A huge thank you to all the amazing SAR teachers!!
Debby and Bruce Prince
All our thanks and gratitude to the entire SAR staff and administration. Yasher Koach!!! Debby and Bruce Prince
Joyce, Reuvaine, Danielle &...
Thank you SAR!!! With love and gratitude from the Kinches family
Shani and Daniel Reich
Thanks to everyone at SAR for bringing our kids back to school this year and making it a wonderful, happy place of learning and growth.
Elianna and Chaim Mitnick
Thank you Gan Rimon and Gan Sheleg for enabling our children to thrive so much during the pandemic! And thank you for being such a wonderful work environment!
Roza Niyazov
Thank you to all the amazing teachers, administration, and faculty for all your hard work and dedication!!
Shari and Uri kanovsky
We are so blessed to be a part of this incredible family. Thank you to all of our children’s teachers - past and present.
Heidi Kane
Kol HaKavod to our SpectAculaR faculty and staff! #WEBEE4YOU!
The Hershkowitz Family
In honor of our wondeful school
Adam and Sarra Lorbert
"A quality education is the closest thing to magic in America"- Senator Tim Scott Thank you to all of the amazing teachers, administrators, nurses, and staff for making this year so wonderful!!
Robin and Jonathan Susman
Thank you to all of the faculty and staff for your hard work and dedication.
Danny and Shira Kroll
Thank you to all of the awesome teachers at the Academy and High School who we call friends and colleagues and the teachers of our children.
Rivka & Eli Ivri
Keep up the great job.
Susan & Michael Eis
Thank you for all your hard work and all you do for students.
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! Love, Libby Kolb
Mia Ziering
In grattitude to the amazing faculty of SAR. Danielle, Emma and Mia
Talia & Marc Metson
In honor of the incredibly dedicated and hardworking teachers, faculty and staff at SAR Academy. Thank you for everything you do for our children on a daily basis!
Shimrit Hait ('99) & JJ Sch...
Thank you to the amazing teachers and staff at SAR for all that you do, particularly in these challenging times.
Shira Billet & Steven Exler
In honor of the incredible devotion, love and hard work of SAR's faculty, administration, staff, lay leaders and parent volunteers. We are so grateful for SAR every day!
Rachel & Yoni Mandelbaum
As parents and employees we are constantly wowed by this school! We love and appreciate all that SAR has done for our family and the community, especially over the past year!
Yael & Jon Martin
In appreciation of the wonderful SAR faculty and staff - Thank you for the devotion, enthusiasm and inspiration you show our children every day.
Jamie Schneider Schwartz (A...
In honor of my parents, Susan and Bruce Schneider, who gave me the incredible gift of an SAR education.
Lauren and Isaac Ganz
Thank you to the amazing morot of Gan Etrog who have worked tirelessly to make this a safe, inviting, and educational school year!
Emily scharfman
Thank you for all of your hard work this year! Our kids are so lucky to have you! Eli Menchel 1st Grade
Lisa and Kenny Birnbaum
In appreciation of the outstanding SAR Academy and High School faculty. Special shout out to the ELC teachers who went above and beyond teaching our children over Zoom! Lisa and Kenny Birnbaum
Shachar, Stephanie, Dani, E...
With boundless gratitude to the administration and faculty of SAR Academy and SAR High School
Eliezer Gevirtz
In honor of the brave teachers & students who persevered despite COVID.
In honor of the amazing faculty, administrators and staff.
Yael and Josh Schlenger
We are so grateful and indebted to the amazing SAR administration, faculty and staff for everything that they do on a daily basis for our kids! Thank you for all of your incredible dedication, love and energy!
Sarah Weinberger-Litman
Thank you to all the outstanding SAR faculty!! Thank you for giving our children the gift of being able to be together this year!
Thank you for all that you do for our children.
Sharon & William Davidson
In honor of Ethan Davidson and Jessica Davidson
Sheera and Danny Riemer
In honor of Eliana's many amazing teachers over the years
Giti & Jack Bendheim
Our gratitude, respect, and admiration for everyone in our beloved super-school community, who have come through this arduous time with flying colors!
Ariel & Dani Forman
Thank you Morah Adiella and Morah Amira and the entire ELC staff for creating such a beautiful and special first year for Emmy at SAR!
Sharon Shammah
Thank you SAR and the faculty for all that you do for our children
Stanley and Evelyn Weiss
Thank you for a wonderful year!
Avigail Sugarman & Menachem...
Thank you to the wonderful teachers of SAR and the administration!
Avy & Bracha Weberman
A huge “ Todah Raba” to all the teachers and administrators for doing such an incredible job! Special thanks to those who teach our grandsons- David, Jonathan & Gabriel Farkas. Your dedication and hard work are appreciated.
Maureen & Michael Kaplan
Keep up the good work!
Miriam & Mark Filer
Thank you to all the amazing teachers, administration, nurses and faculty for keeping our children safe & learning in person all year! Your extraordinary efforts have made the world of a difference to our kids & we are incredibly grateful!
Rena and Murray Schaum
Thank you SAR for all that you have done for our children and grandchildren.
Naamit & Michael Gerber
Thank you to the wonderful teachers, administrators and staff at SAR! We are so grateful for everything that you do.
Larry & Teena Lerner
To our faculty and staff: THANK YOU for overcoming the challenges, fears and disruptions. You delivered an amazing year for the kids and the families. Congratulations to all!
Gan Oren
Thank you so much to SAR for being so amazing, and for being nice. And for keeping us safe and healthy. This donation was from our tzedakah money, and the children wanted to give it so that other children can go to SAR.
Jenny and Irv Mandelbaum
In memory of Alice Mandelbaum, on her 14th Yahrzeit, Pesach Sheni
Linda & Eugene Brody
Thanks to our superstar grandkids Anina and Raphael Jasper-Brody.
Fagen Bocarsly Family
Thank you to all the wonderful teachers at SAR, not only those who taught our four children when they were at the HS, but everyone who contributes to making SAR HS the vibrant, questing, reflective, and open community that it is.
Thank you for everything you give our children every day!
Meir Lindenbaum & Shani Gordon
Thank you!
The Bar Family
With deep gratitude to the SAR faculty and staff for their hard work and dedication, and in honor of Yonathan’s graduation!
Talia and Josh Sadres
We feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful community! Thank You SAR!
Savitt Family
Thank you for everything, Morah Lesley, Morah Jesse, and Morah Esther!
Debrah Bleiberg
Keep up the great work Devorah and Mel Bleiberg
Dovid & Ariella Zirkind
Thank you to all the amazing teachers and administrators!
Brad & Joanne Siegel
Thanks to all of our children's outstanding teachers over all the years!
Ayelet and Yosef Gottesman
Thank you SAR!!
Samson & Chaya Fine
Much appreciation to the administration & faculty of SAR for providing a safe and productive educational environment amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic! Onward and upward!
Pershin Family
Thank You to all SAR staff. especially 3Z and 7Z for your continued dedication EVERY day ensuring our children get the best out of every day.
Amanda and Isaac Benishai
Thank you to all of the faculty and staff for making our first year as an SAR family so unbelievable!
Dovi Nadel
in honor of my students, colleagues, and the SAR community.
Danielle Pollack
Thank you to my amazing colleagues at SAR and SINAI @ SAR!
Laura and Gabe Ruben
Thank you to all the staff for all you do for our children.
Nicole Cohen
With gratitude.
Shifra Landowne and Matthew...
With so much gratitude and hakarat hatov to the amazing teachers, administrators, building staff who have made it possible for school to be open every day this year and brought so much learning and joy
Thank you SAR!
Sarah and Emmanuel Bloch-El...
Thank you so much SAR teachers ! You are heroes ! Really !
Yonah and Rachel Berman
In awe and in honor of our children’s incredible teachers and all of the faculty and staff at SAR. Thank you for creating a joyful and safe place for them to learn and play every day!
Miriam Hoffman
Thank you to the AMAZING SAR faculty, administration, staff, and community! We could not have gotten through the last year without all of you. We feel so lucky to be part of this incredible and special community. - The Hoffman Kleiners
Risa and Jeff Torkin
In loving memory of our grandmother and great grandmother, Helen Mlotek z"l, in honor of her yahrzeit.
Chavie and Moshe Wilner
Thank you to the most amazing faculty of the greatest school in the world! We love SAR!
Debby Sondheim
Kol Hakavod to the amazing SAR staff!!
Yossi & Brooke Pollak
Thanks to all of SAR's Faculty, Staff and Board for an INCREDIBLE year!
Kayla & Joel Mandelbaum
Thank you to all who worked so hard to educate our grandchildren -- Jedidiah, Anaelle, & Hezekiah Konovitch -- during this most difficult year.
Shlomo and Michal Wadler
Thank you to the entire SAR community for welcoming our family with open arms!
Rachel Meyer and Leib Wiener
Proud to be an SAR alumni+fellow couple! We are so grateful for the Torah, kindness, and love that SAR has shown us and taught us to give to others.
Maya Bernstein and Noam Sil...
"וְעַל חַיִּים חֵן וָחֶסֶד שֶׁחוֹנַנְתָּנוּ" With thanks to HaShem and to the wonderful SAR faculty and staff for all that you did in support of our children this year. With appreciation, Maya Bernstein and Noam Silverman and family
Phyllis & Benjamin Freilich
Thank you SAR teachers, administration and staff! With much respect and admiration, Phyllis, Benjamin, Solomon and Adam Freilich
Ann & James Lapin
Thank you to all Faculty and Staff for your hard work this difficult year.
Barrie & Jon Krause
Thank you to the entire SAR staff for all of your hard work and for making this year great despite all of its challenges!
David Jacobowitz
Best wishes to the best Jewish school in the universe!
Michael Bandler
Congratulations on another successful school year, with all its challenges! May everyone at SAR go mi'chayil el choyil. Leah and Michael Bandler
Donna & Adam Von Samek
Tremendous thanks to the leadership, faculty, and staff at SAR who bent over backwards to make this year safe and amazing for our children!
The Kramer-Richard Family
THANK YOU to everyone at SAR who helped turn this difficult time into a year of joy and learning! You are all heroes!
Shari Faleck
Chag Sameach!! Kol hakavod to the SAR team!
Regina And Michael Elias
A heartfelt thank you to the marvelous teachers and staff at SAR for the truly amazing job of keeping the school open and safe during a very difficult year.
Debbie & Mark Blechner
Refuah for all Cholim b'zchut the students' learning Torah
The Eis Family
In honor of Sammy's 8th grade graduation & Emma's first year at SAR HS and in appreciation to the faculty at SAR who have educated them for the last 11 years.
Lana and Jeff Mandel
Thank you to the entire faculty, administration and staff for going above and beyond this year.
Harriett & Gary Hoffman
Love to Dr. Russ and Emet
Thank you to all the staff and faculty members for "bee"ing the inspiration and guidance to shape our future!
Ilana and Adam Chill and fa...
With gratitude to SAR's faculty and administration.
Carrie & Kevin Rose & Family
Thank you for all the faculty and staff for always going above and beyond for our children. #GOSTING
Todd Brody
What a great job you have done during such challenging times!
Thank SAR for everything you have done to help shape me into the person I am today!!
Marisa & Josh Mahler
Thank you to the wonderful SAR faculty for all that you do!
Enid and Eli Purow
In honor of Jonah and Raeli Sokol
Harriet Bass
Thank you to my granddaughter’ Aderet Bass Morot for a wonderful time of learning.
Maslow Family
Thank you to all the Morot, Rabbanim, Administrators, and Staff for making this year happen and keeping school safe! Yasher Kochachem! Orlee, Yakira, Tehila, Aderet, Jonathan, and Bat-Sheva Maslow
Nathaniel Helfgot
Thank you to all our wonderful teachers, administration and staff.
Gaby Schoenfeld and Avi Mer...
Thank you so much to our incredible faculty, administrators, and the ENTIRE staff who keeps SAR clean, well fed, and safe--physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually--for all of our children. You have gone above and beyond your call of duty this year and we are filled with overflowing gratitude.
Devora and Michael Courtney
Yasher koach to everyone at SAR for their work in keeping our beloved school open and flourishing!
Yael & Cory (AC '91) Baker ...
In celebration of our amazing faculty and staff - we are grateful and inspired by your commitment to our children and school. Thank you!
Deborah and Jonathan David
Chag Sameach
Robert and Dorothy Lewis
Chag Sameach to all the wonderful teachers at SAR
The Padwa Family
Thanks to SAR Faculty and Staff for navigating a crazy year to provide our children a safe and educational year.
Shoshana and Yitzi Genack
to our childrens amazing morot morah rebecca and morah ilana, morah talia and morah naomi! thank you for your love, dedication and partnership everyday! thanks also to morah maggie and morah esther and all the wonderful teachers who greet us with warm smiles on the carpool line! love the genacks
Gila and David Kolb and family
In honor of SAR's amazing teachers - Thank You!
Rebecca & Marc Wolf
Thank you to all of our children's spectacular teachers and advisors. Thank you for inspiring and challenging our children and thank you for taking the time to really get to know them as individuals. Mazal Tov for making it through this memorable and unprecedented year!
Arezu & Steve Sohn
Thank You! We appreciate everything you do for us and our children!
Ali and Daniel Bloom
Thank you so much to all the amazing teachers and administrators at both the Academy and the High School!
Ruth & Larry Kobrin
With thanks to our faculty, administration, and staff for all they have done under circumstances none could have imagined
Victoria & Ben Feder and Fa...
Thank you to SAR's amazing teachers and staff for stepping up and keeping the school doors open so our kids can learn and be part of the SAR community. We are so lucky to be part of this amazing community. Please know how grateful we all are for your hard work.
The Shapira-Stern Family
Thank you to the staff and faculty of SAR for everything you have done to make this challenging year a success! Your dedication, commitment and resilience are unparalleled, and we are indebted to you for the role you have played in sustaining our community throughout the year.
Heather & Steven Horowitz a...
Thank you to the faculty and staff at SAR!
Edelman Family
Thank you to the incredible teachers and staff at SAR for making this impossible year into a joy-filled, productive, and inspiring one!
Sam Fischel
So proud of my SAR grandkids - David and Lauren Fischel
Linda & Bernard Weiner
With deepest appreciation for the entire SAR administration, faculty, and staff for the phenomenal job they have done this year!
Fenster Family
Todah rabbah to the administrators, teachers, nurses, and all of the staff for keeping our school going with enthusiasm and optimism through these very challenging times!
Allie Alperovich & Yuri Simon
Dear SAR teachers and staff -- your commitment to our children, to education and to ensuring that this year was one of learning, fun and safety is such an inspiration. We are so incredibly grateful to our incredible sacrifice and hard work (and love and care) that made this all possible. We are in awe of you, and you are our heroes.
Adina & Lawrence Burian
Thank you to the extraordinary administration, faculty and staff of our wonderful school. It has been a year of tremendous accomplishment in the face of unprecedented challenges. Throughout it all, you stayed true to SAR’s core values and kept our children happy, safe, growing and learning. Kol HaKavod!
Ruth Raskas and Nigel Ohren...
Thank you for your extraordinary leadership, dedication and creativity. We appreciate all that you do.
Ronnie Birnbaum
In honor of our children high school faculty members Lisa and rabbi Kenneth birnbaum and their children Charlotte, Sonia and Oliver. Ronnie and Larry birnbaum
Linda & Jeff Bernstein
Mazal Tov to all the wonderful teachers, especially our daughter, Shari Kanovsky
Keep up the wonderful work you are doing with our grandchildren. Grandparents of Nadav
Kelly Rahel Ouaknine & Davi...
Liluy Nishmat my dad Meyer ben Rahel. Thank you to the amazing SAR team for all you do for our kids.
Mirel Reich
Thank you for all you do for our children and our community
Melanie Felsman
To a team of faculty that understands what it means to “never quit.”
Alice and Jacob Klein
Yascher Koach to the incredible SAR administration, faculty and staff Alice and Jacob Klein Proud grandparents of Aurelia Kahn
Josh Binstock & Hadar Schwartz
Thank you to the wonderful teachers and administrators at SAR! We feel so grateful to be part of this community.
Donna Elyashar Rudolph
Thank you so much to our dedicated teachers and administration!
Gil Samuelson
Brandi and Gil samuelson
Sarah and Leni Glickman
Thank you to the entire SAR faculty and staff!
We LOVE our SAR Teachers!
Jeannie & Ira Schoulder
In Honor of our granddaughters , Eva, Olivia, and Faye Mirsky. We are so proud of you. May you always have naches .
Ilana, Ari, Ian, William an...
Thank you so much to all the essential workers at SAR who have worked so hard to allow our children to be in school this year.
Matthew Evans
In Honor of Gloria Perelman Schneider
Naomi Goldberg Honor
Kol ha-kavod to the SAR faculty!