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SAR's commitment to Torah, and our passion for transmitting Torah values to our children and for protecting and preserving Jewish life and practice, has been a guiding light.
This has been an extraordinarily challenging year and we are incredibly grateful for the support of the community and the work of our teachers, which has enabled us to be in-school, in-person this year. The tireless work of our faculty and staff, the dedication of our leadership, and the generosity of the community, makes it all possible.

Welcome To The Bonus Round! 
With the encouragement of our matchers, we raised our goal to $80,000. Whether you already donated and want to take it up a notch or have been waiting for the right time, please jump in now!

Partner with us on the days leading up to Shavuot. Your donation ensures an extraordinary and safe experience for every student.

Help us reach our goal of 1000 participating families and leave a message on our scroll to show our teachers how much we care.

About the Campaign

The Bee4SAR Shavuot Appeal is the final campaign of the year, ensuring that we end the year financially sound. This year, the campaign enables us to fund the increased demands in scholarship assistance and to provide a safe environment for our students to experience extraordinary days in our buildings.

It also marks the winding down of an academic year unlike any other. Every member of our community - teachers, staff, students, and parents - have had to overcome countless challenges. Our teachers continue to navigate new platforms, teaching students in-person under strict protocols while also catering to the needs of students learning remotely. In the face of challenges, our faculty allowed their creativity and innovation to shine, becoming stronger, more resilient educators for their students. Each day, SAR faculty make the decision to put students first. 

Your gift to the Shavuot Appeal enables every child to have a place at SAR. It gives the school the ability to be nimble-- to navigate very difficult operating situations, make decisions based on safety and best practices, always having the best interests of students in mind.

Messages of Appreciation

Jordana levine
Wii R4U SAR!
Abigail Hepner-Gross
To everyone who has worked so hard all year---staff and students alike---Yasher Koach!
Heidi & Scott Greenbaum
With special thanks to the wonderful team in the BO!
Judy & Uri Kaufthal
In memory of Leo and Edith Kaufthal and Lotte Bravmann.
Sheila Eckstein
In honor of Jake and Lila Hoff
Ruth Peyser Kestenbaum
In honor of my grandson, Irwin Oliver Kestenbaum
Avigdor Gargy
Thank you for all SAR people, you are the best! Chag Sameach! Avigdor Gargy.
Jennifer & Jonathan Kroll
Thank you to the incredible teachers of SAR for inspiring and educating our children.
Leora Kroll
Thank you to all of my teachers.

Thank You SAR Supporters




Daniel Langer
Gershon and Patricia Bergwerk
Jordana levine
Abigail Hepner-Gross
Sarit Kattan Gribetz and Jo...
Adiva & Yoni Garber
Gary and Rachel Berger
Heidi & Scott Greenbaum
Kara & Jess Olson
Arlene & Daniel Stein